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When your RV, tractor, bus, or semi needs a boost, you'll be ready with these #2-Gauge 600-Amp 25-Foot Commercial Grade Parrot Clamps Booster Jumper Cables. Tangle-free, color-coded jumper cables are easy-to-use and will have your heavy-duty vehicle up and running in no time. Durable cables and parrot clamps ensure you will get back on the road quick. Specifications: Length: 25 Feet, Amps: 600, Gauge: 2,  Commercial Grade. Product Details: Outstanding Performance, designed to work in all weather conditions. Serrated jaws and non-slip rubber-coating for extreme grip. Provides the user with tangle-free operation. Perfect for use on: RVs, Tractors, Buses, Semis, Other commercial vehicles. Convenient Design; Durable Construction, constructed with heavy-duty, durable cables and rubber-coated, high-tension parrot clamps that ensure lasting performance. Long Cables. 25 foot cables allow ample room for connecting one vehicle to another. Use in side by side situations or for the long front to back jumps! Easy Identification - Easily indentifiable cables are color-coded: Red (+), Black (-). 

  • Heavy Duty #2 Gauge extra flexible tangle free cable and clamps
  • 600 Amp Commercial Grade Parrot Jaw Clamps; Booster 25 ft Jumper Cables. 
  • 25' - High tension rubber coated handles & serrated teeth give you a secure connection
  • Engineered for Warm and Cold Climates, Flexible to -67 F°
  • Clamps are color coded for easy use, Red (+), Black (-)

#2 Gauge 600Amp Commercial Grade Parrot Clamps Booster 25' Jumper Cables Colored

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