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Hassle Free Roasting Experiences For All With these Stainless Steel Skewers Sticks! Finally, A Durable Skewer Set For Great Roasting Performances. This 4 skewer stick set is made from high quality stainless steel and will accompany you everywhere you go! Such a great way for some family bonding and story telling around a campfire or fun and memorable moments with friends enjoying a barbeque Sunday together! The clever and ergonomic design allows these campfire forks to extend and retract depending on the distance from the pit fire. Double prongs for double roasting pleasure on the go! These are the Greatest Housewarming Roasting Stick Set. These long roasting sticks come in a nice bag and make a thoughtful present to a dear friend or a beloved family member. Take these extendable skewers along on your next picnic in the park, your kid’s birthday party, family celebrations and grilling gatherings, sports events, tailgating and any other outdoor activity that you might think of.

  • THE ULTIMATE CAMPING ROASTING STICK SET: These wonderfully crafted large telescopic bonfire stick set of 4 is the way to go. Roasting delicacies, vegetables and meat fireside has never been that easy and fast! Invest in this kitchen must utensil addition and cherish moments of camping fun and relaxation with your beloved ones!
  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL HOT DOG STICKS: Made from high quality stainless steel you may rest assured that they are completely rust proof and corrosion resistant for the many outdoor grilling explorations yet to come! Their double prongs will put an end to rotating marshmallows nightmare right away!
  • ERGONOMIC EXTENDABLE TELESCOPIC DESIGN: These BBQ skewers have an ergonomic design that will facilitate the holding and using of the sticks to the fullest. They can be extended to 33.9" (86cm) and retracted to 9.4" (23.8cm)!
  • INSULATED EASY TO GRIP HANDLES WITH SAFETY CAPS: Their soft PVC cushioned and insulated handles, will allow you to easily hold them with safety without burning your hands. Each fork comes with two mini red safety caps to avoid accidental poking while carrying them. 
  • MULTIPURPOSE CAMPING ROASTING STICKS: These camping roasting sticks are ideal for all kinds of purposes and food adventures. Take them along at camping and beach excursions, hiking and trekking trips, lake fishing and mountain hunting, bonfire gatherings and BBQ fiestas. Use them to roast hot hogs, marshmallows, s’mores, meatballs, fish fillets, shrimps, vegetables, mushrooms and so many more. 

4pcs Telescoping Marshmallow Campfire Roasting Sticks Insulated Extends Retracts

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