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Specifications: No more worries about running out of propane right in the middle of grilling, cooking, smoking, camping or RVing. And no more unnecessary trips for refills when there was still some left in the tank. With the propane tank pressure gauge on board, you'll always know when you're good to go. Easy to Attach - Screw threads let you attach it without tools, and it fits all brands and models with a QCC1/Type1 connection and up to a 40lb. propane tank. This propane tank gas gauge can be worked with propane tank cylinders, propane regulator with hose and propane adapter. Great for using gas grill, heaters, smoker, camp stoves, lanterns, tabletop grills, fire pit tables, turkey fryers and more propane gas tank cylinder appliances. Lead-free Brass Withstands Weather, Scratching, Denting and Corroding, Lead-free brass is impervious to the elements and highly resistant to damage during use or transport. Provides you with heavy-duty service. Color Coded Dial for Easy Viewing, No need to bend over or squint at tiny level markings. See at a glance - the large dial will tell you whether you're in the red (empty), yellow (low) or green (sufficient). Security - Long lasting high quality material provides secure, air-tight connection between propane tank cylinder and propane regulator with hose, propane adapter and more propane appliances. Provides excess flow protection in case of a broken gas line and thermal protection in case of fire.

  • High Compatibility: the Propane Gas Gauge meter is Compatible with all appliances with a QCC1 / type1 connection and up to 40-lb. propane tanks which are perfect for BBQ Grill, RV Camper cooker and heater
  • Durability: the propane tank adapter is Durable (lead free) Brass DMV metal, withstands weather, scratching, denting and corroding.
  • Convenience: See at a glance by the propane tank adapter with regulator when your propane pressure level is low , easy-to read dial and color coded dial design.
  • Safety: Propane gas tank indicator provides excess flow protection in case of a broken gas line and thermal protection in case of fire .
  • Easy to Use and Install: propane tank connector does not require any tools or pipe thread tape, easy to install and used as Camping gas tank connector

Brass Propane Gas Tank Meter Guage, Pressure Leak Detector For Cylinders & Tanks

SKU: Gas Pressure Meter
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