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Material Type: Aluminum alloy. Reacher grabber uses premium aluminum alloy materials. You can pick up to 3 poundswith no worries about grabber breaking. It has a very comfortable handle and a rubber chuck. You can pick up small objects like red wine glasses and other things in crevices. After surgery patients or elderly don't need to bend over to pickup things like garbage in the garden. No need to stand on a table or on steps, you can easily get high objects. Use it for: Picking up trash and litter. Picking up broken glass pieces. Reaching under furniture and beds. Retrieving items in hard to reach cabinets. Picking up daily things such as the newspaper. Plus many many more uses. How to Use: 1. The arrow on the plastic part of the folding place is aimed at the groove on the aluminum alloy pole. 2. The aluminum alloy chuck is inserted into the hole in the plastic part. 3. Pull the handle switch, clamps the head to close, loosen the switch, unclips the head to loosen. Number of parts: 1 piece

  • EASY GRABBING: Reacher grabber to pick up items with ease, picks up coins, envelops, trash etc. Easily pull the trigger and it starts work, reducing labor intensity, makes work become easier.

  • EXTRA STRENGTH GRIPPER: Textured rubberized ends make it easy to grab 3-5 pounds objects and they that don't fall off. It can be used to hold a red wine glass without letting go.

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Uses lightweight aluminum alloy material, reduced labor intensity, helps with arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome. Easy to use.

  • FOLDABLE DESIGN: Adopted folding type design, means a shortened length to facilitate outdoor carrying and making it also able to be put in cabinets.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: 18 month free return shipping manufacturer warranty.

Reacher Grabber Tool 32" Foldable Elderly Lightweight Extra Long Handy Claw Blue

SKU: 4336313163
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